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Audubon at Home is a program to support people’s interest and efforts to become better stewards of the environment in their yards, neighborhoods, parks and other spaces.

To find out more about the program and fill out an application please go to the Audubon At Home website here.

The Audubon at home program stresses:
  • Conservation and protection of water
  • Removal of invasive plants
  • Replacement of non-native plants with native species
  • Reduction or elimination of harmful fertilizers and pesticides
  • Greater preservation of public and private natural areas
The Audubon at Home program provides people with information and advice to establish and nurture sustainable natural habitat in spaces that range from a corner of their yard to many acres.

For a list of the certified properties in Loudoun County, see here.

To seek further information or help from an Audubon at Home Ambassador, contact Ann Garvey at agarvey@loudounwildlife.org

Audubon at Home in Loudoun County is a joint community service project of the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy (www.loudounwildlife.org) and the Audubon Society of Northern Virginia (www.audubonva.org). The program is administered and coordinated in Loudoun County by the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.