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Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Park
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The only wealth is life.

- Henry David Thoreau



A Great Place
Red Rock is a lovely spot for a quiet nature walk and birding. With 67-acres, this park has great panoramic views of the Potomac River and wonderful forest trails to explore and hike. Upon entering the parking area, you find several historic buildings from the Civil War area to investigate.

There are 6 nature trails that you can turn into a loop of various lengths depending on how long a walk you'd like to do. Spring time is especially nice for woodland wildflowers. Wild red columbine can be spotted, along with Dogwood in bloom.

On the lower trail along the river bank, robins and swallows abound, yet you will probably see many other birds throughout the park, including mourning doves, chickadees, blackbirds, cardinals, barred owls and great blue heron.

A few main trails follow the ridges in the park and open up to lovely panoramic views of the Potomac.  Across the river is Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park, which allows for an extended view of the local natural area.  Inside Red Rock you’ll also find a few impressively old trees, a tiny trickling spring stream, plenty of animal tracks along the Potomac’s shore, and an interesting cliff ecosystem.

Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Park is part of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail.

When to Visit
Hours: Open dawn to dusk.

Facilities: There are no facilities here.

Driving directions: From Edwards Ferry Rd, drive 1.5 miles to park entrance

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