As many of you know, there is an effort underway to realign The Woods Road which runs through part of Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve.  While there have been improvements made to the plan since it was first proposed, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy still has some concerns.

Those concerns have been laid out in the letter that we sent to VDOT both for their consideration and for inclusion in the public record.

Our concerns pertain to the following (details can be read in our letter here)

1.  Wetland Impact and Mitigation

2. White Oak Forest Separation and Conservation Land Value

3.  Traffic Control

If you would like to submit public input on this topic, you can submit it here. The public comment period ends November 8th:

Mr. James C. Zeller, P.E.
Mr. W. Calvin Britt, P.E.
Virginia Department of Transportation
4975 Alliance Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030