cover for flierRemember the ravens nesting last year on the Purcellville water tower? Well they returned again this year and Sandra Stein who lives near the water tower became captivated by them – so much so that she created a wonderful children’s book that was just released!

She writes, “Every time I’d hear them squawk, I’d drop whatever I was doing and run out with my camera.  It became quite an obsession.”  We are so happy that watching these birds captured her attention because Sandra has put together a wonderful story!

The title of the book is the Water Tower Ravens and you can purchase it online at Amazon or at Around the Block bookstore in Purcellville (which, by the way, is also just around the block from the water tower…at least as the raven flies ;)

SANDRA KOVACS STEIN is an avid photographer who loves taking pictures of nature and wildlife, particularly in her little corner of the world.  When a pair of ravens built a nest near the top of a water tower right across from her balcony, they became her main subjects for months to follow.  This book was inspired by the many photos she took of the little ravens learning to fly.

Sandra moved to Purcellville seven years ago, and developed a passion for capturing the changing seasons, neighborhood animals, birds, flowers, skies. She has a friend and walking partner who shares her passion and they often take walks along the path and through town with their cameras.  Neither one has an SLR or professional type camera.  They just love to point and click.

The WATER TOWER RAVENS is Sandra’s first picture book, and also marks her debut as a writer for children, which shows it’s never too late to get started.  She has two children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren who are no doubt enjoying the story of the Water Tower Ravens!