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The Leesburg Garden Club is offering to sponsor a child at Nature Camp this summer.  Details and contact info to apply is below:

Loudoun County Students

                                                                                                                                                                              Want to:

…spend two weeks in a national forest?

…sleep in a cabin?

…learn about our natural resources?

…know more about the environment?

Are you interested in nature?

Apply for a free two-week session at Nature Camp, located in the   George Washington National Forest near Vesuvius, Virginia

Sponsored by members of Leesburg Garden Club

Sessions: Grades 9-12 (June 19-July2); Gr. 8-9 (July 3-16); Gr. 6-8  (July 17-30);  Gr. 5-6 (July 31-Aug 13)

Applicant must:

  1. Be a Loudoun County student currently in grade 5-12.
  2. Write a paragraph or two about why he/she wants to attend Nature Camp, including:

                …Why is the natural world interesting to you?

                 …What have you done to explore the natural world?

                  …How do you think the Nature Camp experience will help you?

  1. Include a written recommendation from your science teacher.
  2. Email or send your application and recommendation to be received by me by

Saturday, January 30, 2016.
Contact Ellie Daley


FOR more INFORMATION:              


Happy New Year, all! I absolutely love the first few weeks of January. It’s a time to be optimistic, motivated, and inspired to do great things in the coming months, and it’s easy to be inspired when you’re surrounded by incredible volunteers, as we are at Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy. This month in Volunteer Connection, I have the privilege of featuring just such a volunteer, Ms. Dori Rhodes.

Dori is and has always been an avid birder with a heart for all things, flora or fauna. Many families have their own pastimes and traditions, and Doris’ was the love of nature. One particularly influential person was Dori’s grandmother, a keen gardener, who planted her garden just for the birds. With that, Dori went on to earn her degree in Zoology from Drew University with the hope of one day being able to share her passion.  One of her first jobs was working at Turtle Back Zoo in New Jersey where she did programs for groups and schools.

About 10 years ago, she moved up to Leesburg from North Carolina, ready to get involved in her new community. She came upon Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, as well as the Virginia Master Naturalists. Only a few years later she served as president for our county’s Virginia Master Naturalist Banshee Reeks Chapter! Dori’s incredible efforts have brought experience and education to our community in so many ways through her various projects with Loudoun Wildlife. She has served as a bluebird monitor, a native plant community liaison, a birder during our Christmas Bird Count, a walk leader at Banshee Reeks on many occasions, and she is currently loving her work as an active ambassador through our Audubon@Home Program.

Dori 2

Like so many of our volunteers, Dori’s motivation comes from having the platform to share her passion through teaching. With such a plethora of programs offered by Loudoun Wildlife, she is always being challenged to learn something new or to share her experience with new friends along the way.


So if you’ve resolved to give back more in 2016, we have many projects that are looking for enthusiastic hands! Not sure where to start? We’ll be having a Volunteer Orientation & Opportunity Showcase on Sunday, January 31 at 1pm at the Carriage Museum in Morven Park. Click here to sign up or here to sign up for a volunteer opportunity now!